HelpdeskWhat can I do with my account?

What can I do with my account?

This article aims to explain what is the envisioned working environment within AEGEE.

In other words, "to what services does my new Gsuite account entitle to?"

Services offered to the members of the locals

Every member will automatically get a G suite account (in the form on registration to the MyAEGEE platform, upon approval of their local membership. G suite accounts are full Google accounts, and allow login to the following services:

  1. Mailbox for every member, provided by AEGEE-Europe
  2. Cloud storage space for 30GB
  3. Google calendar, with default calendars such as calendar of events
  4. Google hangouts, pro version
  5. Google classroom
  6. Google groups (a hybrid between mailing list and forum - but also the new way to have collaborative inbox for teams)
  7. Atlassian's helpdesk
  8. Login for MyAEGEE
  9. Login to the Headoffice's network in Brussels (WiP)


  1. Remember only one username/password for all the services
  2. Login once, use all the functionalities
  3. Better password reset service
  4. You don't need to create an email "" (for people who like to separate their AEGEE life and their real life)
  5. Automatic integration with working files (see below)

Workflow intended

Every member will need to use their account as official AEGEE account. It is with their address that they are going to be added on the working folders, when member of an European Body (EB).


  1. Knowledge is never lost: The owner of the files are never single users, but a "google group" 
    1. In case of password lost, it can be reset by the super admin. Currently if a password is lost, it can't be recovered!
  2.  More privacy of data: The access to the files of AEGEE-Europe is only allowed to email addresses of the same organisation (
    1. There are no exception to this global setting, except for files that need to be shared with external organisations/partners.

Services offered to the locals

Every local will automatically get a G suite account (in the form The account will be tied to the local's account on the MyAEGEE platform. For more information on how to get a G suite account for your local, see here. If you don't think you will use the service, because your local already has their version of Gsuite, read here

G suite accounts are full Google accounts, and allow login & utilisation to the following services:

  1. Cloud storage space for 30GB: You can hold files for your local, and be GDPR-proof
  2. Google hangouts, pro version: You can create chatrooms for your board/members/committees's online meetings
  3. Google classroom: You can create courses for your members
  4. Google groups (a hybrid between mailing list and forum): You can make mailing lists for your board/members/committees
  5. Atlassian's helpdesk (to raise requests on behalf of the local)
    1. Notice: for now Helpdesk is meant to give support to individual users; in the future it will be expanded to also provide support for the local.

Privacy policy

Read it at