Listserv mailing list subscriptions problems


"I’m not subscribed to EUROPEAN-BODIES-L anymore (according to the mailing list site), and yet I receive those emails"

Solution 1

Some mailing lists (ML) are hierarchical: you are part of a ML, which is part of a ML, which is part of a ML....

E.g. EUROPEAN-BODIES-L is a list that will send email to every European body: HRC-L; ITC-L; JURIDICAL-L; NETCOM-L etc....

  1. Check that you are not member of any EB
  2. Talk to the responsibles in the chain of leadership to see how to receive less emails
    1. Why don't you just filter emails instead?
    2. Most likely, you'll have to leave the group if you really don't want to do anything. Lazy ass
Do not mark emails as spam. If you do, go on your spam folder and mark the emails as non-spam, or AEGEE servers will get a bad reputation globally.

Solution 2

Possibility: In the past you had, and you subscribed to AEGEE's mailing lists through there. Then you got and made all emails from the first address be forwarded automatically to the second. Then you forgot about the first, and you check the subscriber's corner by putting the second, which says that you aren't subscribed

  1. Login to the first address and check if there is an automatic forwarding
File an helpdesk request if you still have troubles