Requesting a Gsuite account for your local

This article applies when the reader, as a member of a local board, would like to request AEGEE-Europe to provide them a Gsuite account. 

It applies also to locals who already have their version of Gsuite/O365 (Read below)

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go on the helpdesk category and click on "Request Gsuite account for your local/body"
  2. Fill the form  
  3. Wait till the procedure is finished on our side, and you will receive a "password reset email" in the address you specified
  4. Reset the password and login to your new account (
    1. The "reset password" link expires after 2 days. If you didn't make it on time, just login again to helpdesk, find your request, and tell us you didn't make it on time (wink)
  5. With your new account, you can migrate your data if you need to be GDPR-proof, and have access to a set of services described here (see section for locals).

What is going to happen

  1. You will obtain an account of the following form: This will be the local's official Gsuite account, i.e. you can use it to login to Google drive in compliancy with the GDPR. 
  2. We will add the email address you provided (e.g. "", from now on "your local-owned address") as a recovery address of the local's official Gsuite account.
    1. We will trigger a password reset, such that the password goes to your local-owned address.
  3. We will add the email address you provided to a "Gsuite group" (a sort of mailing list). This group has the name in the form "".
    1. This group contains 2 addresses: your local-owned address and your new account.
    2. E-mails sent to "" will be forwarded to your old address and to the new one, so you can decide on your own pace when to drop the old address. You would most likely want to do so if your old your local-owned email account is;
    3. The group could be used as a mailing list for the local; however this is for the future, when every AEGEEan will get their own account
    4. See picture below for reference

GDPR requests AEGEE-Europe to sign a DPA (Data Processing Agreement) with your local. This doesn't block the procedure, but be aware that AEGEE-Europe's DPC (Data Privacy Committee) will contact you in the future

Why do you need this?

Generally the locals should take care by themselves of any legal matters such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

However in our network:

  • there are some countries who are not eligible for Gsuite/Office365 for free;
  • some AEGEE-locals are not registered as no-profit organisations for any reason hence cannot claim Gsuite/Office365 for free.

Since AEGEE-Europe has the possibility, they want to help such locals. In addition, in an effort to streamline communication mechanisms, AEGEE-Europe is clarifying how communicating to the locals is happening. As long as the local keeps up-to-date the addresses within "", everyone is happy. 

Finally, the whole system is going to be integrated into MyAEGEE, therefore it is important that the locals keep the address up-to-date.

If your antenna owns a version of Gsuite already, your systems are already in compliance with GDPR and would not need a system provided by AEGEE-Europe.

Therefore, if your antenna already owns a version of Gsuite/O365 

You can use your Gsuite by AEGEE-Europe antenna's email address as you please. The only requirement from AEGEE-Europe's side is that you keep up-to-date your email address that is inside the group "" (i.e., keep up-to-date "your own real mailbox" in the explanatory pic above)

  • Despite you have no need for Gsuite by AEGEE-Europe, you still must obtain your local's account in order to keep the address up-to-date (see below). This only until MyAEGEE and Gsuite will be integrated; when that happens, the address will be automatically updated by MyAEGEE.

How to keep your address up-to-date

When logged-in with the account "", go to the groups admin page and add/remove subscribers.

  • You can add your board's email address (e.g. as owner. This way you can completely ignore the account, though not advised: you can be missing out on services offered.


With the new Gsuite account (of your antenna), you can login to the helpdesk and ask for support (for/on behalf of your antenna). Wanna try? Head to the helpdesk and login. You will be able to request as usual, but this time if you have already submitted a 'ticket' (i.e. a request) it will be shown under "requests - created by me" (click on your picture on the top-right).

When every AEGEEan will have access to Gsuite, they will be able to ask for support for their own IT problems

See a full list of services that the account enables you (check also the "For locals" part).

Email migration

In case you would like to migrate your email from into your new, you can follow the guide How to migrate your gmail to a gsuite account

Drive migration

In case you would like to migrate your drive data from into your new, you can follow the guide How to migrate your drive data to a Gsuite account