About the data we collect about you

This article is for the privacy-aware user who would like to know how to retrieve/delete data. If you don't remember what data is stored about you, check here

Keep in mind that the current status of the IT in AEGEE does not allow for automatic data gathering, hence it could take some time to fulfil the request of deletion.

Data gathering info definitely will take a longer time and you may be disappointed of what you find anyway (we are not data hoarder so idk what interesting data beyond your email address you expect to find), so don't ask please

To request a deletion of your data, ask support in the helpdesk. 

To request a downloading of your data, ask support in the helpdesk. 

Again, keep in mind it can take a LONG time to fulfil this request, as described in the first info box. It is a manual job done by volunteers like you, so be kind please