Requesting a Gsuite account for your European body

This article applies when the reader, as a member of a European body, would like to request AEGEE-Europe to provide them a Gsuite account in compliancy to GDPR

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go on the helpdesk category and click on "Request Gsuite account for your local/body"
  2. Fill the form, be sure to provide a google account
  3. Wait till we finish the procedure on our side
    1. You will be notified on the email address you used to submit the helpdesk request
  4. When we finished the procedure on our side, check how to migrate data in this article

What is going to happen

  1. Your gmail address (e.g. will be added to a "Gsuite group" (a sort of mailing list) of the following form: This is not a Gsuite account, but simply by being added you can still handle data in compliancy with the GDPR (data are owned by the organisation)
    1. If you are speaker/responsible for the body, you will be made owner of the Gsuite group, so to control group memberships at the admin page
  2. You can login to your normal google drive and you will notice a new entry called "team drives". If you are member of multiple bodies/projects, you will see one per body/project.

When every member will have their own Gsuite account (scheduled February 2019), your membership to the group will be automatic and the google account you provided will be removed from the team drive. At that point, every team drive will have the setting of sharing only within the organisation

Are you a speaker/coordinator/responsible for your body? Then check how to migrate data in this article

Ideally you would not have email addresses, and you just used a mailing list. But if you were a bad person, and need to migrate emails, follow the guide