How to fix the shared drives pesky inconvenience


There is the chance that after adding a member to a group, they won't be able to see the drive. It is possible that the shared drive must be shared with the group after all the members of the groups are present.

(Possible) solution: shared drive

On the shared drives page (, go to your team drive and click "<number> members"

This is what one member of the speaker team sees on the shared drives sharing settings:

To fix the sharing settings, try to simply re-add <body>, without removing it.

Therefore, simply click "add members" and enter (in this example)

(Possible) solution: shared drive's "members" folder

On the shared drives page (, go to your shared drive:

Right-click the folder, and select "Share". Add the group name you need (in this example,, as explained in the main Shared Drives article), even if it's already present.


Sometimes you simply must wait 5-10 minutes for the changes to be effective. Let's say 20-30 in the worst case.

If after re-trying to re-add and waiting a whole afternoon, the user still does not have access (are you sure the user is in the group?) hit us up at the helpdesk