GDPR requests: Procedure for asking export of data

  1. Fill out the request at this page

  2. After we receive your request, we will be in touch after 72h.

  3. We will ask you to prove you are the owner of the data: this may involve replying to a challenge carried out via email; and/or sending us a picture of an ID. This step is essential in order to protect data of other people.

  4. Your data will be gathered accordingly. Notice that the procedure is still manual as the system is not yet fully automatic: data gathering may take up to two (2) weeks!

  5. Step-by-step after we receive your data download request:

    1. We will check the mailing list server against the address you have provided. If you have more than one email address, please check by yourself for the other addresses on the subscriber's corner

    2. We will check the MyAEGEE account against the name & surname you have provided.

    3. We will check the Gsuite records of your user (your inbox/account)

    4. We will check the history of your helpdesk requests (including this one you are about to file/just filed)

    5. We will try to export the data records from those sources.

      1. It may not be in human-readable format (csv) but in machine-readable format (json). This is due to be fixed by April 2019

  6. You will receive a reply on your email, as a response to your ticket