Helpdesk"" alias vs Gsuite account

"" alias vs Gsuite account

This article explains the difference between the "classic" (i.e. used until 2018) email aliases, vs the Gsuite accounts introduced in mid-2018

Bottom line up-front

You do not need to request an alias: you already have it. Read here, and make sure that your intranet registration email is not an address, or there'll be a loop situation where mail is not delivered.

Why would one want an AEGEE-branded mailbox

As AEGEE-Europe makes partnerships for its members, proving that you're a member is fundamental for you to benefit the specific discount or whatever. The most common form of authentication is just having a branded email address, since it can be released by the organisation (AEGEE) only.

Classic use: what is an alias and how to get one?

An alias is a mail address that exists (i.e. mail is delivered), but does not have a physical mailbox. An alias will only redirect the mail to a real mailbox e.g.

How to get one (legacy - do not follow this procedure)

This list is just for the purpose of an explanation. It is not necessary to follow these steps to request an alias anymore.

  1. A person writes to the mail team ( requesting an alias
  2. Mail team makes the alias
    1. Congrats, you can now receive mail at
  3. You will be notified and instructions on how to set your alias up sent to you
    1. You follow the procedure and you can send your mail from your email provider appearing as

Do not request an alias

Requesting the alias is old stuff. Now, the alias is generated upon your intranet registration. Follow the wiki to understand more

How to get an alias now

Seriously, do I have to write it again? I mentioned already two times. Read better.

Modern use: what is a Gsuite ( account and how to get one?

A Gsuite account is a physical mailbox accessible at

A Gsuite account provides you these services.

A Gsuite account can be requested by members of European bodies, by following this article,

Est. end of January, upon registering on MyAEGEE and being confirmed by the local board, a Gsuite address will be generated for the user automagically.