How-to: Apply for a statutory event/edit your application

  1. Go to the event page. You can do it from the dashboard, where the last published event would be displayed:

    or by going to "View all statutory events" menu under "Statutory listing" menu (1), then clicking the "Go to the event page" (2) or the event's name (3).
  2. Click on "My application" under the event's picture.
  3. If you haven't applied to this event it would say that you haven't applied to this event. Click "Apply":
  4. Select your body (the arrow points at it), fill in all the fields and press "Save application". The required fields are marked with an asterisk (like the "First name" here), the optional ones aren't (like "Passport number"):
  5. You will be redirected to the page where you can see your application. You will see something like that:
  6. Also, at the bottom of the page you can see the application's status and participant type/order. Also if your application is cancelled, it will be written there (for example, my application is cancelled):

For editing your application:

  1. Follow the steps 1-2, then you will see your application details. Press "Edit your application":
  2. Edit your application, then scroll to the end of the page and press "Save":
  3. If everything would be okay, you'll be redirected to the page when you can see all the details, if not the red notification will appear at the top of the page, displaying what's wrong.

If you have the global permission to edit participant type/order/board comment, you can also edit it here:

  1. You will see the participant type/order/board comment editing section, if not, that means you don't have rights to do it:
  2. Change the data the way you want it, then press "Save application" at the bottom of the page:
  3. If everything's okay, the green popup will appear at the top of the page:
  4. If not, it'd be the red one. If so, most likely you've set the participant type in the wrong way (e.g. "Envoy" for antenna or "Observer" for a working group).