How-to: Approve members joining the body (for board members)

  1. Go the the body page. You can either do it from the dashboard by clicking the name of the body:

    or by going to "Bodies" page (1), typing the name of your body (2) and clicking the name of it (3):
  2. Click on the "View join requests" button:

    If you don't see it, either you're not a member of the body or you are not the member of the Board circle for this body. Or both. If it's the first case, join a body first, if it's the second, ask someone from the board to add you as a board member.
  3. You'll see the list of the join requests for this body. For those which are not approved yet, there would be "Approve" and "Reject" buttons.

    As you can see, for this body there are only approved join requests.
  4. If there are pending join requests, it will look like that:

    Notice that there are "Approve" and "Reject" buttons.
  5. For approving member, press "Approve". The system will ask you for a confirmation:
  6. Press "Approve <user name>". After that, the user would be added to a body and if there's a shadow circle for this body, this user would be automatically added to it as well:

    I logged in as a user which I approved before and now I see "Information Technology Committee" in the list of my bodies. Since there is no shadow circle set for this body, I wasn't automatically added to any.
  7. The rejection process is pretty much the same, except you need to press "Reject" and confirm it by pressing on "Reject <user name>" button.
  8. After rejecting a user, the join request for this user would be deleted so he/she would be able to apply again. I won't see him in the join request list, for instance, there's no "Microservice Microservice" in the join requests list:
  9. Also if I will log in as a rejected user I won't see it in the bodies list:

    Note that there's no "Information Technology Committee" in the list of my bodies.