This pages shows which people are (or have been) involved in the OMS project.

Heyho, I am Derk from AEGEE-Enschede/Delft. I already spend close to half a year working nearly full time on the OMS project as the project manager. While I have less time to spend on it nowadays I still take up some of the overseeing tasks, managing internal communications, documentation, issue reporting and all kind of other things you can find in the Project Plan. Aside from that I am mostly involved with developing the core, but in the end you see me touching on all parts of the system (which is the most fun anyway (wink))

Derk Snijders

I am Nico from A-Dresden, being involved in every part of the project which requires coding and carefully avoiding the rest, before being captured by the Ecuadorian mafia now. While I travel South America I am probably more busy finding a place to sleep than to code but I am still available for questions, admiration or spontaneous donations (smile)


Hey, my name is Fabrizio and I started the project 3 years ago because complaints don’t take you anywhere, but actions do. So I want YOU to join the project and make a better AEGEE! Also I am in the Comité Directeur as you may or may not know according to how randomly you vote.

Fabrizio Bellicano

Hey everybody, I'm Sergey from AEGEE-Voronezh and I'm involved in oms-events development. Sadly I'm not working a lot on OMS a lot lately because of the lack of time, but I'll hope to change it in the future!

Sergey Peshkov

I'm Annelot from AEGEE-Nijmegen and I'm currently helping out with the PR