How-to: Adding board change

  1. The people you want to add as board members should be members of the body (for joining a body, see How-to: Join a body (for body members)).

  2. Go to the body page:

  3. Click on the blue “change board” button on the left, a new pop-up window should open looking like this:

  4. In this window, you can enter the date of the election of the board, as well as a start and end date of their term. Afterwards, there is the option to give a name to the board. In the next section, you can enter the name for the board members.

  5. Next to the three mandatory functions of “president”, “secretary”, and “treasurer”, there is also the option to add other positions.

  6. After you have added all the members of the board, please check that the contact details of your local are still correct:

  7. Finally, you can leave a message for CD and NetCom to read about the board change, if you want to.

  8. If all is well, you can press “Save changes”, and the new board will be created