GDPR requests: Procedure for asking deletion of data

  1. Fill out the request at this page.

  2. After we receive your request, we will be in touch after 72h.

  3. We will ask you to prove you are the owner of the data: this may involve replying to a challenge carried out via email; and/or sending us a picture of an ID. This step is essential in order to protect deletion of data of other people.

    1. Do not worry, this same info will be deleted along with the rest of your personal data after we finish the procedure.

  4. Step-by-step after we receive your deletion request

    1. We will check the mailing list server against the address you have provided. If you have more than one email address, please check by yourself for the other addresses on the subscriber's corner

    2. We will check the MyAEGEE records against the name & surname you have provided.

    3. We will check the statutory event data from 7 years ago to the past (more than 7 years ago); see caveat below

    4. We will check the G Suite records of your user (your inbox/account)

    5. We will check the history of your helpdesk requests (including this one you are about to file/just filed)

    6. We will delete the records of your names from those sources

      1. Notice there is no way to recover data from google drive, once your G Suite account is terminated

  5. Your data will be deleted/anonymised according to the procedure and algorithm described on this google spreadsheet that should be made public! lol


As per our privacy policy (“Notes and exceptions”), we cannot remove data that have been submitted for operational purposes. In other words, if your name appears in the attendance list of the agora (statutory event system) of the last 7 years, we are required by law to keep this data for the purpose of reporting the operating grant by the European commission.


After this is completed, you will not be a part of AEGEE any more and will not be able to participate to events.