Troubleshooting login/registration issues

If you face registration issues:

  • try logging in with the account credentials you've put while registering without waiting for the confirmation email

  • check out the spam folder if the confirmation email is there

  • in case you didn't receive an email you might have mistyped your email address, check if your correct email address is still available and re-register with the correct one in case

  • if you didn't confirm your email within 2 hours, your registration was deleted. Register again

  • if you get the 'This token is invalid' on confirming your email and 2 hours haven't passed yet, try logging in. There can be cases where the email parser follows the link, automatically confirming you.

If you face login issues

  • if your account is bulk-imported, please reset the password

  • if you can't login, please check twice the email and the password (remember, it's case sensitive, so 'password' and 'PASSWORD' are 2 different things)

  • also there can be cases when you are suspended

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