Hey there! Ever wished helping out your fellows?

Here's your chance, we have launched the helpdesk (easy to remember: aegee.org/helpdesk or aegee.org/support), a centralised place where every AEGEE member can raise requests for help in any IT-related matter they encounter.

We need your help to tame the long queues of requests we have, and worry not! you need no expert IT knowledge for this. Any knowledge you need will be provided to you (at first on skype, then through helpdesk articles).

Expected tasks

Possible target groups

Expected learning outcomes

Possible supporting apps

Here's a list of apps that will help in the day-to-day maintenance. You most likely do not need all of them at once, also considering that some of them imply a certain amount of privileges and trust you need to earn.

Atlassian JIRATo check Helpdesk from the phone

Atlassian ConfluenceTo edit articles while you are on the toilet


To create an event for AEGEE members on Slido 

Google adminHandle google groups or users on our Gsuite

But wait! There's more

This type of effort would already be a tremendous amount of help for us. However, we are still not at the point where the new system -MyAEGEE- is ready: we are at a solid 80%, but in order to reach the full potential, check what type of people we are looking for!

Ready for the challenge?

Write us at itc@aegee.org